The Eurasia Music Institute provides music students of all ages and nationalities world-class instruction and performance experiences in New York City year-long.  
Located at East 35th Street and Park Avenue in one of Manhattan’s most charming and picturesque sections, also known as Murray Hill, the Eurasia Music Institute offers instruction in the following disciplines:
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Acting
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Chamber Music
  • Orchestra
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Guitar
  • Komuz
The study program of the Eurasia Music Institute includes individual and group coachings by acclaimed faculty, as well as public performance opportunities at Eurasia Festival’s concert series. 
The faculty for the Eurasia Music Institute is composed of members selected among the most eminent, internationally renowned figures on the music scene.
Piano, Voice, Vocal Coaching, and Chamber Music lessons:
The students attending the Eurasia Music Institute classes on a regular basis will be offered performance opportunities through Eurasia Festival’s concert series. These performances will include event photography, videography and digital publicity services.
“Azatt Sessions” - Performance Masterclass workshops for singers:
Internationally celebrated stage director and acting coach Marc Verzatt joins forces with acclaimed pianist and conductor Aza Sydykov to conduct a weekly series of masterclasses and workshops for opera singers of all ages. A part of the Festival’s Music Institute, the “Azatt Sessions" offers opportunities for in-depth study of audition materials and expert guidance in preparing to appear in auditions. While Professor Verzatt works with singers on dramatic interpretation and stage comportment, Maestro Sydykov focuses on musical accuracy and expression as well as linguistic correctness. 
Singers engage in regularly scheduled two-hour repertory workshops conducted at the Eurasia Festival’s studio on Park Avenue. These sessions are expertly designed to elevate participating singers’ audition packages to levels that will distinguish them as exceptional in the highly competitive field of operatic performance. 
The performance master class workshop is open to 5 singers per two-hour session. 
Students who will attend at least three sessions will be offered the opportunity to appear in a ticketed public event presented by the Eurasia Festival in its beautiful music salon in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan. 
Not only will the performance be professionally photographed; professional audio and video recordings of the event will be made available to the students. 
The Eurasia Music Institute is open to students of any age and nationality. 
Piano lessons:
$95 for 60 min lessons
($90/hour with a 10-lesson commitment)
Voice lessons: 
$95 for 60 min lessons, includes pianist
($90/hour with a 10-lesson commitment)
Applied Instrument lessons: 
$95 for 60 min lessons
($90/hour with a 10-lesson commitment)
Vocal Coaching:
$85 for 60 min lessons
Chamber Music lessons:
$150 for 60 min lessons
Azatt Sessions: 
$100 for 120 min group sessions
$25 auditor 
Eurasia Music Institute Faculty
Aza Sydykov (Piano, Vocal Coaching, Chamber Music, "Azatt Sessions"), acclaimed concert pianist and conductor, Artistic Director of the Eurasia Festival and the Wilmington Music Festival in North Carolina. Learn more
Marc Verzatt ("Azatt Sessions"), International Stage Director, Lecturer in Voice and Opera, member of the voice department at Mannes School of Music. Learn More
Jonathan Levin (Piano), President of the Clayton Piano Festival in North Carolina, co-founder of the Eurasia Festival and Director of Pixel Mojo Productions. Learn more
Nikoleta Rallis (Voice), acclaimed operatic soprano, President of Wilmington Music Festival in North Carolina, Founder of Olympia Arts. Learn more
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